★ The Olink CCS2 Combo Adapter has been specially crafted for European Tesla Model S and Model X cars manufactured after May 2019. It's important to remember that this adapter isn't compatible, with Tesla models in the United States. By using this adapter you can securely connect your Tesla to a CCS2 charger enabling you to charge your vehicle at Teslas Supercharger network and other charging stations, across Europe.

★ Portability is crucial. The small size of this adapter makes it effortless to store in your cars glove compartment. This ensures that it's always, within reach whenever you require it. Connecting the CCS Combo 2 charging station cable to your Teslas charging port is a task allowing for convenient Mode 3 charging.

★ The Olink CCS2 Combo Adapter is crafted using top notch materials, such, as TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) which exhibits resistance, to oil, abrasion and UV light. This guarantees its durability and dependability even when utilized with Tesla Superchargers.

★ This adapter is built to endure weather conditions, with its IP54 weatherproof rating ensuring charging for your Tesla vehicle.

Important Notes:

★ Model S CCS - Pre-Refresh: Compatible with Model S vehicles delivered before June 2016.
★ Model S CCS - Refresh: Compatible with Model S vehicles delivered after June 2016.
★ Vehicles built before May 2019 require the installation of a Retrofit Kit to enable compatibility with this adapter.
★ Experience the convenience and flexibility of the Chargerman CCS2 Combo Adapter. Charge your European Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles with ease, ensuring you can keep your electric vehicle powered up wherever your adventures take you.

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