OLINK is a professional EVSE manufacturer established in 2003. Since its production of EV cables and EV connectors, Olink has clearly positioned itself in the European and American markets, committed to providing customers with a better product experience. Since 2012, OLINK has been designing and producing EV charger series as one of the first manufacturers in China to sell EVSE products to Europe and the United States. The EVSE products exported by OLINK have set many records, such as the development of the first APP EV charger in China, the first to obtain the Type A+6 mA DC certificate, the first to propose a full-link temperature control solution, etc.

A large amount of data accumulation and customer feedback make OLINK’s products update and iterate very fast with strong adaptability, which can meet the usage needs in any environment. OLINK has very few after-sales cases, so our dealers can completely focus on product sales and channel promotion without worrying about after-sales pressure.

No, OLINK is not a trading company. We are an EVSE manufacturer that owns and manages our own factory, which allows us to better control the quality of our products and makes us more competitive on prices.

OLINK has its own factory.
Our factory is a nationally certified Chinese high-tech enterprise.
Our factory is not only ISO9001 management system certified, but also has IATF 16949 certification.
We have stable and strong production capacity. And we can produce 2000 EV chargers, 4000 portable EV chargers, and 5000 EV cables per day when all production lines are turned on.
We have a scientifically-comprehensive management process to ensure that every process is fully implemented in accordance with production standards, and the first and the last products produced every month are exactly the same.
We also have strict testing procedures to ensure that we deliver the best products to the customers.
But all in all, the most important thing is that we want to make sure that our customers have confidence in and recognition of BESEN products and put full energy into product sales without worrying about after-sales problems.

Our factory is located in Huizhou, China. As a manufacturer, we welcome customers to visit our factory and you can directly put forward corresponding requirements to our sales staff.

At present, OLINK has about 500 employees and can provide stable production capacity according to the needs of customers.

OLINK was established in 2009, initially producing EV cables and EV connectors, and has been involved in the design and production of EV chargers since 2012.

There are 5 main reasons:
1. Our products and systems are mature and stable, allowing you to focus more on sales instead of worrying about after-sales problems.
2. Our rich experience can effectively make your product customization and other projects smoother, reducing some unnecessary expenses and time waste.
3. Our product is updated quickly whether it’s APP or OCPP version, which gives you more advantages in the competition with your peers.
4. Our strong production capacity ensures on-time delivery.
5. And most importantly. We are a mature brand and we cherish our reputation like birds cherish their feathers which alone is enough to reassure most of our clients.

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