The CCS2, to GB/T Adapter is an efficient solution that helps connect the charging cable from a CCS charging station to a GB/T vehicle. It allows GB/T vehicles equipped for DC charging to use the CCS charging infrastructure for reliable charging.

This adapter has a current of 200ADC and supports a wide voltage range of 100 1000VDC ensuring compatibility with various power requirements for seamless charging experiences. Its sturdy construction, with an IP55 enclosure rating guarantees durability and protection, against dust and water ingress.

The CCS2, to GB/T Adapter is specifically built to withstand a range of operating conditions. It can handle temperatures ranging from 30°C to +50°C ( 22°F to 122°F) during use while also enduring storage temperatures of 40°C to +85°C ( 40°F to +185°F). This adaptability makes it suitable for environments.

With a weight of 3kg this adapter is lightweight and portable making it easy to store in your cars hatch or trunk. Its compact design ensures hassle handling and setup making it an essential accessory for GB/T vehicle owners who frequently rely on CCS charging infrastructure.

Discover the convenience and efficiency of the CCS2 to GB/T Adapter for DC charging. It provides an speedy charging solution, for GB/T vehicles expanding your charging options and ensuring a charging experience.

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