★The Olink Tesla, to CCS1 Adapter enables vehicles in the USA to utilize Teslas connector for fast charging speeds of up to 250 kW. The charging power is directly influenced by your electric vehicles accepted voltage ensuring a speedy and efficient charging experience.

★With the Olink Tesla to CCS1 Adapter you can effortlessly make use of the network of over 6,000 Tesla Supercharger Stations across the United States to charge your vehicle. Take advantage of the charging power at these stations allowing you to quickly recharge your vehicle and get back, on the road.

Supercharge your vehicles charging capabilities. Unleash its true potential, with the Olink Tesla to CCS1 Adapter. You'll enjoy lightning charging speeds of up to 250 kW perfectly customized to match the voltage requirements of your vehicle. Experience the convenience and peace of mind as you efficiently charge at Tesla ★Supercharger Stations over the United States ensuring you're always ready, for an exciting road trip ahead.

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